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Welcome to the Square and Compass

A friendly, family welcome from the staff, locals and customers of the pub is extended to all
who visit The Square and Compass. Undoubtedly a true gem in the heart of Dorset.

Award winning beers and ciders including home pressed traditional cider made by the owner,
are the perfect accompaniment to a traditional hot pasty or pie.

Live music is also served up on a regular basis with bands and artists playing
at the pub on evenings and Sunday afternoons through out the year.

Summertime Opening:
12-11pm - 7-days-a-week


Coming Next:

Fri Aug 22 @ 9:00PM

Fri Aug 22nd @ 9:00pm   -   410
Kent DuChaine

Sat Aug 30th @ 9:00pm   -   365
Roving Crows

Sun Aug 31st @ 2:00pm   -   297
Roving Crows

Fri Sep 5th @ 9:00pm   -   123
Andy Broad

Sun Sep 7th @ 2:00pm   -   136
Abie Budgen

Mon Sep 15th @ 9:00pm   -   117
Kristin Andreassen & Jefferson Hamer

Fri Sep 19th @ 9:00pm   -   136
The Whitetop Mountain Band

Sat Oct 4th @ 11:00am   -   1184
Pumpkin & Beer Festival

Sat Nov 1st @ 11:00am   -   920
Cider Festival

Sat Dec 6th @ 12:00am   -   1081
Beard, Bottled Beer & Cheese Festival