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Sunday 19 May 2013 @ 02:00pm - Woody Pines: Review

The Square and Compass welcomed 'Woody Pines' to Worth Matravers in mid-May. Woody Pines hail from Nashville, Tennessee, and are currently on a UK tour, before heading back to the US to tour Texas, Colorado, Utah and Tennessee.

Having recently gigged in London with a ticket price of £22, the Square and Compass continued its ethos of providing quality free music for its punters, and the ticket price was a big fat zero to those lucky enough to catch the show.

I missed what was surely a stomping, rip-roaring performance on the Saturday night, and caught Woody Pines performing on the Sunday afternoon, to a very appreciative audience. Fusing a mix of swampy, Louisiana Blues with street corner skiffle, ragtime, country blues and viper jazz, Woody Pines offered-up a professional, foot-stomping, revitalised old school, authentic experience - justification of the £22 London ticket price on every level.

Weaving new life and soul into almost-lost country blues classics and jazzy street skiffle, Woody Pines shone with confident talent and the ease of musicians who know the very soul of their craft, delivering it perfectly to the audience at hand.

Fronting the 'Pines', Woody Pine himself is an enigma; a young man who radiates a deep understanding of the old time craft he peddles, a rarity indeed. Woody Pines as a group 'hang' together perfectly, playing with a joy that only comes from jamming with those who meld together with ease, perfectly meshed in the very music itself.

Purbeck has its fair share of quality acts making their way down to our isolated part of the kingdom, and despite the rough economic times sweeping the land, the Square and Compass holds fast to its belief that customers should be rewarded for their loyalty with the very best of live music available, for free.

Pulling in top quality, international acts is no mean feat, but finding top quality acts queuing to perform at your venue is absolute gold dust. The Square continues to retain its outstanding national (and international) reputation as a venue with a difference, and the line of top-of-their-field artists wanting to join the awesome list of Square performers goes on. ~ Nico Johnson - The Purbeck Gazette


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