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Saturday 20 July 2013 @ 09:00pm - Elephant Talk

Since reforming in Spring '09 UK band Elephant Talk have been stunning audiences with their unique fusion of Folk, World, fuelled by a combination of eclectic backbeats ranging from: Dub, Drum n' Bass breakbeats to Trance and Techno. We like to call it 'Urban Folk'

They skillfully combine authentically played traditional acoustic music with a wide range of electronica including: dub, dubstep, drum and bass, trance, nujazz and techno. This is proving to be popular with a wide audience in music venues, festivals and events throughout the UK and Europe.

“Music for the head, heart and dance floor” - mixmag

Band members
Sarah Joy – (vocals)
Matt Tarling – (fiddle, effects, programming)
Jon Maybey – (guitar, mandolin, loops, programming)


“Elephant Talk must rate as one of the UK's most seriously underrated groups. Their music is unique, clever and above all stunningly good. Fusing jazz, electronica, club break-beats and a whole range of instruments within tightly structured & infectiously unforgettable melodies, it subtly etches its way into your memory-banks and, once there, stays. But what's even more amazing is that, despite the huge complexity of what's going on, they can replicate their multi-layered studio outings "live" and with the absolute minimum of "gadgetry" that most similar groups need to come anywhere close to the sound of their albums.” - Nic Jay

“This group is undoubtedly the biggest group not to hit the big time. As to how this is possible- don’t ask me! I came across the band during a walk down Walthamstow market where they happened to be performing, and what a performance that was! There was an eclectic mix of instantly converted fans glued to the on-going gig, previously planned reasons for coming over to the shops etc already forgotten and fritted away by the amazing melody and sheer spell-binding magic being spun out by this band with their unusual mix of instruments and gadgets! But what enchantment that was- the energy and groove emanating must be heard and felt to be believed. These guys simply have to make it to the big time, if not that’s music's biggest loss potentially.” - Leon Idus


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