Thank You and Goodbye. Kevin

Kevin Hunt leaves the Square & Compass

Well, it's time for me to walk off this beautiful stage. I will, if you don't mind, take a bow but hold the applause, it's for yourselves.

It has been a stunning and heartwarming time here, thank you.
Personally I think we have had some of the best ever bar staff, ever! and some of the best ever customers.

Why wouldn't anyone be pleased to help steer this crazy ship against the prevailing tides of this ever increasingly unpleasant world. It's going to be hard to find my feet again without all of this glorious, but furious, activity. I wish all of you, the incredible staff and the constantly great customers the best of lives for the future.

And then there has been the music.
Absolutely brilliant. The lifeblood of my veins. Thank you very much my musical friends. Individually we will struggle but together, hopefully, with all of the love we can harness, we could get this world a touch closer to happyness. A vain hope perhaps, but it's still worth reaching for.

Thank you and goodbye. Kevin

And now over to you Alex.
Good luck my friend.