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Friday 29 December 2017 @ 09:00pm :  -
The Mother Ukers

Mother Ukers

Playing songs from throughout the ages on their Ukuleles. The Mother Ukers are a three piece Ukulele band based in Bournemouth England. Top entertainment available for Festivals, Bars, Clubs, Parties, Weddings or just for the hell of it. The Band take on modern day classics with their ukuleles and forge them into timeless wonders of a bygone era with the power of ‘Ukular Fusion’ Warping time and Space……. The Mother Ukers are ‘The Ukulele Band’

The Mother Ukers are a Ukulele band performing covers and original material for your pleasure. Using ukuleles of all shapes and sizes the Mother Ukers take you on a musical journey through time and space. Mixing up sounds captured in the minds of mortals from over a hundred years to create their unique ‘Ukular Fusion’. With songs & flavours of Modern pop, Punk, Classic rock, the Swinging sixties, Fabulous fiftys blended together and marinaded with the sound and rhythms of the roaring 20's and seasoned with a touch of the blues in a swamp grass melody. The Mother Ukers unleash the power of their humble little four string uke’s & guarantee to tickle your ears, kiss your soul, & get them feet a tapping!

We are proud sponsors of Margaret Green Animal Rescue.

Barnaby Wild
Born the son of the legendary Jolly Roger Barnaby Wild the UFO flying time ranger is responsible for accidentally inventing Rock and Roll. Barnaby Wild by name and nature can whip up a wub wub frenzy in the soul of anyone that encounters the low frequency rhythms and melody flux played by the gyrating 2nd generation Bass Chap.

Jonty Jonson
The Uker at the gates of dawn, in troubled times of pap pop nonsense put the plan in order for musical regeneration, to preserve and ease the happy minds of those feeling violated by the soulless sounds of the tired broadcasting corporations. The Soprano MC with his humble ukulele called for his good fellows to take up their ukes and thus The Mother Ukers were born!

Luap Rekcut
A man living the dream! When he’s not hot footing it round the country with his fellow MU’s (Mother Ukers) he can be found running one of the biggest and best ukulele shops (S.U.S) in the known universe. Although his appearance is that of a Funeral Director, he is quiet a light hearted fellow and has been known to smile on occasion.



“I would sooner wet my pants than miss this band" ~ Cellar bar

“I don’t usually like music but I loved these guys" ~ 50th party

“What you guys do is more than amazing" ~ someone somewhere

“I’ve never seen my grandma dancing before tonight" ~ A Grandson

Mother Ukers