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Saturday 06 August 2022 @ 02:00pm :  -
Savage Underdogs

Savage Underdogs

Defenders of guild socialism and the honest values of the working class, the British Dorset-based band Savage Underdogs take pride in toiling hard to get a job well done. Their artistic commitment comes from an understanding of shared kinship and a sense of responsibility. Their objective is to deliver a quality music product to their enthusiastic audiences.

The band bring a uniquely thrilling proposition to music fans: hard-driving punk 'n' roll influenced by a worthy nostalgia for lost or dying American culture. They're naturally inclined towards the tribulation and redemption of Johnny Cash or the blue-collar perspective of Springsteen, yet their exquisitely crafted songs also combine the ever-present fidelity of original punk credentials.

At the heart of the Savage Underdog sound is implacable spirit and the authentic verse-chorus-verse of true rock. But also, these days, their songs tend to pack the lilt of country-blues and the subtlety of folk. Their output is less stereotypically punk-sounding than other bands in the field and that's because their lyrics don't naturally express anger or social alienation, but rather a sense of commitment and responsibility. Now that they've moved away from pure punk, they're keen to “get on with things.”



'California 99' album reviews:

"The album brings together four musicians who are all very adept within their own fields and when they come together, a certain chemistry takes over." - Dave Chinery, Rock Regeneration

"There are plenty of standout moments like “Gypsy Queen”, the pulsating “Killing Fields” and the haunting organ intro of moshpit favourite The Churches, which leads nicely to a hidden acapella version of the title track." - Dave Chinery, Rock Regeneration

"The band really liven things up with a great twin guitar sound, coupled with Matthew’s distinctive McGowan/Strummer-style vocals. The band have an abundance of original material and with some notable songwriting that shows some real promise." - Dave Chinery, Rock Regeneration

Savage Underdogs