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Saturday 17 February 2024 @ 08:00pm :  -
Kasai Masai

Kasai Masai

Kasai Masai’s music reflects their journey from the rural to the urban world. They mix the infectious dance grooves of Soukous, traditional Congolese folkloric music, and of course their own contemporary style and Kasai Masai magic. Written in Swahili, Lingala and Kimongo, Kasai Masai’s lyrics portray the cultural diversity of Congo where more than four hundred languages are spoken. Kasai Masai’s original compositions have moved beyond traditional expectations of Congolese music with their galloping rhythms, strong melodies, passionate beats, swinging guitars and soaring saxophones.

Kasai Masai love playing to crowds of all sizes. From intimate acoustic jams to the full on-stage experience of festivals like Womad and Wilderness in the UK, Pete the Monkey, RainForest Festival in Malaysia, Oman World Music Festival, World Music Festival in Bahrain, Zain Party in Spain, Clonmel Festival in the Republic of Ireland and World Music LX in Portugal, and many more. Based in London, the band have a busy schedule in the capital. They regularly feature at Focus Africa events in the city, as one of the UK-based Soukous heavyweights. The band also perform with Kanda Bongo Man, a legend of Soukous music, to huge audiences all around the world.

Nickens Nkoso - Vocals, Percussion
Known to his fans at the Voodoo King, Nickens is a hugely experienced singer, songwriter, musician and band-leader. He's worked with many of the finest Congolese artists of the current generation. Based in London.

Otis Lumumba - Guitar
One of the finest Congolese guitarists of his generation. Also based in London, Otis regularly performs with Kanda Bongo Man, Kasai Masai, as well as pursuing his individual musical projects. He's also a well-renowned musical educator.

Claude Bula - Bass
Arguably the finest Congolese bassist in Europe. Claude has huge amounts of experience playing with many of the finest musicians of his generation, including Kanda Bongo Man and many more.

Jeannot Bel - Guitar
With several Soukous albums to his name, Jeannot Bel needs no introduction to Soukous fans in the UK, Europe and in his home country of Congo. The ease with which he crafts his mesmerising guitar riffs is truly second to none.

Jean Claude Mulamba - Drums
The rhythmical engine and soukous heartbeat of Kasai Masai, Jean Claude's infectious grooves are the stuff of dancefloor legend. Danceable, yet subtle and sophisticated grooves befitting a band of this stature.



“Kasai Masai successfully marry a respect for vintage grooves with an overwhelming urge to move the dance floor this is the sound of the old and new, of the countryside and the city, from deep in the heart of Africa…” - Nige Tassell, Womad Festival

"Kasai Masai is the finest Soukous band in the UK." - Jamie Renton

Kasai Masai