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Saturday 27 December 2014 @ 09:00pm :  -
Eva Abraham


Eva''s new album Cold Light is a joyous celebration of the end of one era and the start of a new one. With a mix of flavours such as folk, gypsy, country, ska. Since Full Circle, Eva’s last release in 2009, there have been some big changes in her life. Cold Light reflects the past three years. A marriage break up, health issues, a new relationship, a new home, death of loved ones. All major stuff. All fuel for creativity.

Cold Light is not just a place where Eva has been able to make some kind of sense of it all, but its also a melting pot of all her influences and favourite music styles: Folk, Gypsy - Hungarian - Slavic - Jewish, Country, Ska, Cumbia, Blues, Jazz - its all in there folks. Whilst writing the songs Eva’s underlying feeling was to set these life changing and defining events to uplifting music.

‘I didn’t want this album to be all doom and gloom and too introvert, I wanted to bring the joy, excitement and playfulness into the music because, of course there has been much devastation, loss and grief, but weaving its way through constantly has been joy and love beyond belief and laughing, oh the laughing and larking well What can I say.. not a dry eye or pair of pants in the house on many occasions’.

The title Cold Light seemed appropriate because when things finally do come to light they often reveal difficult, uncomfortable truths but at least there is honesty; the best place to move forward from. Emotionally and musically Cold Light has been thoroughly explored and has the honour and good fortune of including some very fine musicians (and friends).



"So damn fine it’s haunting. Eva Abraham’s talent may just be the lasting kind. Go girl!" Virgin In-flight Magazine (UK Australia)

"Excellent soulful vocal wizardry and powerful lyrics. What a performer!" ~ Kashmir Klub

"A woman who shatters the image of the female singer/songwriter" ~ Dazed and Confused

"Fresh, emotive and seductive. Great songwriting and arrangements. ‘Secret Garden is almost epic in its emotional depth. A contender for next years Mercury Prize." ~ Impro Management (2 Banks of 4/Giles Peterson)

"Delivering the most beautiful lyrics. An artist to discover" ~ Les Inrocks. France

"Eva Abraham’s beautiful, clear, clean-cut voice is amazingly projected throughout the whole album." ~

"Its not often you hear an album you know that you’ll be listening to for a long time. A beautiful refreshing album." ~ Freddie B

"One of the most inspiring singer/songwriters to emerge in recent times." ~ Inertia, Australia

"Lush and tender work that beautifully showcases Eva’s pure and evocative voice" ~ Time Out

"Eva uses her voice with great clarity, tinted by emotion and at points standing your hairs on end." ~ Blues and Soul

Fan review (amazon)

“Every now and again a new voice grips your imagination, and Eva Abraham''s is one such. It is difficult to describe the quality in her voice - sultry; husky; piercing; disconcerting; but the best I can come up with is haunting. And this album is hauntingly beautiful. Not exactly a bundle of laughs - indeed somewhat intense - her lyrics and music nevertheless stay with you long after playing. Strong stuff, full of passion and belief. I began to compare her with other favourites of mine such as June Tabor and Sinead O''Connor, but the best compliment I can pay her is that she has a voice all of her own." ~ drgwright from Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom