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Saturday 06 June 2015 @ 09:00pm :  -
Don Kipper - cancelled

Unfortunately Don Kipper have had to cancel this date, but we will try to reschedule this gig again at a later date.
It has not been possible to get another replacement at short notice.


Don Kipper is a London-based ensemble dedicated to interpreting music of Eastern origin. Their repertoire includes Klezmer and Gypsy Jazz but ranges to Turkish Fasil music and Greek Rembetika. Whilst respecting the ancient origins of these forms Don Kipper love to arrange the music in new ways and also compose original music which fuse many styles and combine elements from a variety of backgrounds. The musicians in Don Kipper themselves have diverse musical origins stretching beyond the scope of the band’s repertoire – such as Brazilian Samba, Celtic and West African music – and their arrangements are a testament to the band’s belief that a fundamental energy connects many so named “world” and “folk” styles.

Don Kipper are:
Andrew Gorman (Violin, Vocals)
A London-based composer and violinist. In 2010 Andrew founded the Prinz Achmed Orchestra, a collective dedicated to performing original scores to silent films. Since then the collective has spawned the bands Borscht Street Kids and thus Don Kipper who specialise in eclectic Gypsy-fueled musical styles and also perform original compositions. Andrew also loves composing original music for films and has collaborated with directors of many nationalities spanning the USA to the North eastern Mediterranean. Andrew is also a classical music lover and his concert works have also been performed at a variety of venues and events across England including Southbank’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Chelsea Theatre and the Finzi Friends’ Festival of English Song.

Daniel Gouly (Clarinet, Vocals)
Klarinetist/Producer/Ethnomusicologist/Poet/Failed Physicist. One quarter of The Dybbuk Quartet + passionate Reggae & Klezmer aficionado. Also a lover of colourful hats.

Josh Middleton (Accordion)
An accordionist, composer and puppeteer who lives and works in London. Having played Jazz trumpet from age 6, Josh turned aside to the dark path of the accordion after discovering Klezmer and Balkan music. Currently involved with several ensembles spanning Balkan, French, Roma, Klezmer, Scottish and Irish repertoire, Josh has toured as resident composer and musician for String Theatre Marionettes ( for 3 years, performing his own compositions at festivals across the world. Since his first commission in 2009, he has been composing live and recorded scores for puppet shows almost non-stop! He also works as a puppeteer on the Puppet Theatre Barge, performing puppet shows for adults and children with long-string marionettes. He likes a good honest ale, and a Laphroaig if there’s one going…

Tim Karp (Guitar)
To his disappointment on his 12th Birthday, Tim received a black and white Squire Stratocaster instead of a scalectrix. Reluctantly he began to play and his natural talent soon became a passion. 16 years later and he has since travelled to many countries jamming with locals and learning music from across the world. A musician who teaches his art in schools across London and finds time to play in a multitude of bands; from Samba, cinematic sound, mashed up hits and originals. His musical aspirations have finally come to life via Don Kipper. The band satisfies his creative and technical desires, whilst giving him the adrenaline boosts of a high energy, dancing crowd.

Jamie Benzies (Double Bass)
A highly sought after freelance musician playing prolifically within the UK and internationally. After being offered a scholarship for Berklee College of Music, Jamie instead decided to stay in London in order to continue working with highly respected musicians within the realms of various African musics, Jazz, Improvised music, Gypsy, Hiphop, Electronic music, Pop and Rock. Jamie has also worked as musical director on several projects as well as providing musical education and session work.

Timmy Doyle (Drum Kit, Darabuka, Riq, Spoons)
Tim is in demand as a World music and jazz drummer and percussionist and this reputation has led to international touring and studio session work. In addition to his performance credits he works on a regular basis in and around London as a composer, arranger and music educator.