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Saturday 18 July 2015 @ 09:00pm :  -
Pilgrims' Way


Refreshingly different, reassuringly traditional, Pilgrims'' Way are a 4-piece band with a big personality and even bigger sound.

Playing their own particular brand of Folk music, they were brought together by a series of chance meetings at sessions around the North West of England, bonding over a shared love of traditional music and a certain ireverance, they have been shaking up assorted kitchens, public houses and folk venues ever since.

Their influences individually are many and varied but they share a deep respect for the tradition and take as their inspiration some of the most influential bands from the 60s/70s revival.

Named for the Rudyard Kipling poem, set to music by the great Peter Bellamy, their aim is to present English folk of the finest kind in a manner which reflects their quite assorted backgrounds.

Edwin Beasant - (melodeons, guitar, bass, etc!)
Edwin is a musician of varied and possibly dubious background having grown up in a Morris Dancing family. Steeped in (or saturated by?) the traditions of England, he sought other influences, finding inspiration in the Continental and trans-Atlantic traditions. An incorrigible multi-instrumentalist, Edwin plays many, indeed most things (and for the rest, it''s only a matter of time!), but is best known as a talented and inventive box player and for his stint as the drummer with Jabadaw. A natural and intelligent musician with a real flair for just the right accompaniment, his motto is "you sing it, I''ll play it".

Lucy Wright - (vocals, jews harp, second fiddle)
Lucy is a traditional singer with a repertoire of songs from the British Isles, Ireland and America. Growing up in the marchlands of rural Lincolnshire she was treated to an eclectic musical upbringing from her family of jews harp players, ending up with a particular devotion to Dolly Parton and a desire to specialise in Siberian music at university. She has a refined and sensitive style, strongly influenced by Irish traditional singer, particularly Maggie Boyle and Michael Wright and seeks to tell compelling stories through song. Also an internationally renowned jews harp player, she is increasingly in demand as a session musician and bottle opener.

Tom Kitching - (fiddle, mandolin, reluctant vocals)
A Young Folk Award finalist, Tom was described in Living Tradition as "one of the best young fiddlers in England" and has made his name on the British folk scene as one half of the dynamic duo with singer-songwriter and guitarist Gren Bartley. Playing a huge variety of music in almost every imaginable location, Tom has racked up over 700 live performances in 5 years. A sympathetic accompanist as well as a distinctive solo artist, with his infectious enthusiasm and energetic stage presence he may well be the biggest, bounciest fiddle player you''ll ever see. He also plays a mean mandolin and has even been known to sing.

Jon Loomes - (Cittern, Guitar, Hurdy-Gurdy, Concertina, etc!)
A consummate performer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and ethno-musicologist, Jon is renowned for his work with traditional English folk music. His debut solo album was released by Fellside Records to considerable acclaim and he has subsequently appeared as a guest musician on numerous CDs.



“The Handweaver and the Factory Maid is one of my favourite tracks of the last 12 months!" ~ -- Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

“Pilgrims'' Way are the real deal. I am genuinely impressed by their understanding and feel for the music - a young band I expect to hear great things from in the future." ~ Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

“I love it!" ~ Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire''s "Sunday Folk"

“Great stuff!" ~ Sam Walker, BBC Manchester''s "BBC Introducing"

“This EP lives up to their ambition to create gimmick-free folk and hints at a promising future for Pilgrims''s Way. Read the full review!" ~ Liz Osman, Bright Young Folk

“This new young trio seem set to be very busy across the Summer with about eighteen festival dates confirmed. Those bookings have been made on the strength of this EP, with just one listen it''s obvious why any festival would want them on their stage. They manage to walk the line between Trad conformity and ripping up the rule book deceptively easily." ~ Iain Hazlewood, Spiral Earth

“this EP brilliantly conveys the trio''s living-tradition approach and their winning blend of skill, enthusiasm and ebullience. Read the full review!" ~ David Kidman, Folk and Roots

“Lucy is a wonderful young singer, possessed of one of the finest & most agile voices I ever heard. This, combined with Tom''s strong, fiery fiddle playing and Edwin''s exquisite guitar and box work, makes Pilgrims'' Way an exceptional song carrier. But that''s only part of what they do so well. All three play additional instruments, and punch well above their weight in the tune department. They have chosen a lovely repertoire, brimming with integrity and good taste (imho!)." ~ Maggie Boyle