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Monday 31 August 2015 @ 02:00pm :  -
The Woohoo Revue


A fiendishly talented sextet of horns, strings and drums, The Woohoo Revue have forged their reputation throughout Australia as a festival favourite with their signature sound and an adrenalin-fuelled celebration fit for dancing, drinking, and ignoring tomorrow. Their fiery compositions and virtuosic musicianship invoke a sense of romance and bravado. Every song expresses a sense of occasion, transporting the listener to a rampaging after-party at a circus sideshow in a palatial ballroom.

Picture yourself as the star of a technicolour movie surrounded by Hellzapoppin’ dancers swinging a Charleston two step, a 1920’s speakeasy in a fantasy setting where all your wildest dreams come true. You find yourself dancing a loose waltz, being thrust into dangerous spins by laughing friends and as your troubles wash away, a tall dark stranger takes you in their embrace and moves you gracefully, elegantly through a passionate tango. Without warning, a Dixieland street party erupts, you link arms for a circle dance, you clap, you shout, you feel alive. You are transported by The Woohoo Revue and you will love them for it.

Recorded at Sing Sing Studios with Adam Rhodes of Cat Empire fame, The Woohoo Revue’s second album Moreland’s Ball is an album of instrumental tunes inspired by the dance-floors of the world.

Imagine if you will, a well worn and wildly decadent ballroom scene, plush velvet curtains and ornate fixtures carved in beautiful hard woods. The thick red carpet on the imperial staircase is soft under foot as you make your way up to the viewing platforms and theatre boxes. The room is filled with people in elaborate costumes becoming enchantingly transformed with animal-like qualities, wings and tails, hoofs and scales. Some of guests invited by Moreland to his party include “Van Boldrin”, “R’ambo”, “The Goose, The Moose & The Boose” and “Espaneasca”, who are losing motor function in every conceivable direction to the unmistakeable sounds of The Woohoo Revue.

Marking the year of the band’s inception in 2008, The Woohoo Revue released debut album Dear Animals, which was instantly hailed as a ‘landmark documentation of Melbourne’s gypsy music scene’ and attracted regular national radio play including Triple J.

Three years on the band has barely stopped touring, performing in excess of 100 shows per year at venues and festivals throughout the country, including recent performances at WOMADelaide, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival, Australasian World Music Expo, Melbourne International Gypsy Festival, and Falls Festival to name a few.

Like the band’s live show, their recordings are full, frantic and feature incredible musical feats, and Moreland’s Ball – a unique and inspired portfolio of original compositions – is set to establish the band on an international scale, to again share the stages with international luminaries the likes of Besh o droM and Lulo Reinhardt.

Electric performances, extravagant costumes and frenzied virtuosity, The Woohoo Revue is a travelling circus of sound that transcends geography and time, using a “more-is-more” approach to liberate dance-floors from crowds of merry revellers to tornadoes of joyous abandon. This fiendishly talented sextet of horns, strings and drums has spent six tireless years touring their all-out instrumental party across Australia and head to the UK and Europe in mid-2014, beginning at Glastonbury Festival. Band members and fans alike are gluttons for a good time, enamoured by adrenaline, where each show is a pulsing, supercharged carnival of movement and sound that leaves audiences elated long after they leave the whimsical world of The Woohoo Revue.



“Pandemonium in a pin-striped suit." ~ The Age, Melbourne

“A frenzied blur of Balkan, swing and jazz." ~

“This gloriously sassy, six-piece Romani-meets-Latin-meets-Middle-East dance band from Melbourne is just the ticket for fans of swinging and irresistible world music dance." ~ The Sunday Mail, Adelaide

“Their wild arrangements of carnival tunes combine the arts of musicianship and performance, creating an on-stage celebration for drinking, dancing and forgetting about tomorrow." ~ BMA Magazine, Canberra

“One of Melbourne’s hottest world music groups." ~ The Hobart Mercury

“… They could hold their own against both Fanfare Ciocarlia and Taraf de Haidouks…. The Woohoo Revue are a Balkan-themed party waiting to happen, and once it starts there’s no turning back." ~ Songlines Magazine, UK

“There’s something very ‘Johnny Depp’ about The Woohoo Revue: the glint in the eye, the swashbuckling irreverence, the wicked yet knowing smile, the zesty circustent glamour, and that rare and precious ability to be both irrevocably left-field and fabulously popular at the same time." ~ Beat Magazine, Melbourne

photo: francesco vicenzi