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Saturday 10 October 2015 @ 09:00pm :  -
Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley


Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley are one of the brightest young acts on the folk scene today. Playing music from a remarkably broad range of sources, their new album ‘Boundary’ crosses genres with a healthy disdain for arbitrary pigeon-holing of styles and traditions. Some songs just need to be sung.

Having met at Loughborough University, through presenting a folk show on the campus radio, the duo grew out of a wish to perform the music they loved. Over time, Gren developed a distinctive passionate song writing style that manages to push boundaries, whilst staying respectful to the traditions.

Tom’s fiddle style has grown with the material, switching between a delicate, subtle accompaniment to a fiery torrent of sound.

The range of material is the key to a performance from Tom and Gren. Equally at home with original songs, or old English dance tunes, it’s more than just something for everyone. Rather, they’ve developed a voice that suits the material and gives it a fresh edge. Combine this with the rapport they’ve developed, both with the music and for each other, and you’ve got a lively, engaging duo who are capable of performing to any audience.

Tom Kitching
Spiral Earth Musician of the Year Nominee 2015! - In a successful nine year career, Tom has worked with numerous singers and bands, including Pilgrims'' Way, Gavin Davenport, Jon Loomes, Gren Bartley, and Albireo. He has tutored at Folkworks Summer Schools, and has lead numerous workshops around the country. Heavily involved in the dance scene, and veteran of over a thousand gigs, he stands at the leading edge of the English folk scene. His style is English at heart, whilst encompassing elements of many other traditions. It is a unique, vibrant style full of exuberance, energy and wit, yet capable of expressing extraordinary emotional depth.

In March 2015, he released his solo album, ''Interloper'', a deeply personal project to capture the state of the English instrumental tradition and define the role of the fiddle within it.

Gren Bartley
Gren Bartley has released three albums in the last three years, each one revealing an increasingly prolific and exceptional writer and musician. Now touring with a string section, three part harmonies and driving percussion he is creating something truly original in the underground folk scene. Already described as "enthralling, persuasive and masterly" (fRoots magazine), if you think you''ve heard something like it before… then think again.



“The instruments spark, with the combination of the bright fiddle and the acclaimed finger picking style of Bartley giving a lovely flow to the tunes" ~ Maverick Magazine

“Bartley proves to be an accomplished songwriter, with a restful voice that lulls its way into the mind and heart." ~

“Tom must be one of the best young fiddlers in England, with a fluid style equally at ease with the English, American and Irish traditions" ~ Living Tradition

“Their own compositions really do sparkle with commitment and creativity in their bright eyed and idiomatic playing" ~ Froots