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Saturday 17 October 2015 @ 09:00pm :  -
The Model Folk


The Model Folk are a six piece band, hailing from the deepest darkest reaches of North Somerset. We play rumbustious balkan inspired original folk. Entirely acoustic, from the humble washboard and the throb of the double bass via the wheezing of the harmonium and the shriek of the clarinet. With a chorus of voices telling tales of steam, soviet farming machinery, 1930s drag queens, circuses and tea. A ramshackle troupe of musicians, unafraid to fraternise with the audience, whipping them into a frenzy of folk and roll.

A Brief History

A long time ago in a sleepy seaside town far far away, in circumstances best described as vague, two people started playing musical instruments together.

Betty, a violin player of natural talent, blessed with a skill that may have beaten some shifty looking lad in Georgia. Jesmond, a guitar player and maker of wondrous songs.

Thus the nucleus of The Model Folk was born.

In 2012, after a few lineup changes, the six piece The Model Folk that you will KNOW and LOVE slightly more than before, arrived to marginal acclaim.

Alex brought a giant Man Sized Violin.
Alex wanted to play his normally sized bass. He was not ALLOWED. He must only play the GIANT MAN SIZED VIOLIN.

The Miggle brought its drumset. It is allowed to hit them for The Model Folk. One day we spied The Miggle making obscene flatulence impressions with its MOUTH. Such vulgarity required us to make The Miggle learn the TRUMPET. Otherwise we will make it CRY.

Someone suggested bringing Badger along with his MIGHTY washboard.
Later, Badger discovered an ability with a tiny guitar and a cunning way with WORDS. He also found a magical harmonium behind a pile of discarded logs. We confess we do not know how this occurred.

At some point, Betty then duplicated and STALLWOOD joined the sweaty ranks of The Model Folk with his mighty clarinet. These two events are unrelated.

Somewhere around that time The Earl Of Arran appeared, weaving a spell with his trumpet of justice.

But then… along come more!

Brave Sir Thomas will play trumpet now that The Earl of Arran is making himself have brains.

Then Little Aspy sometimes joins us with his Trombone

And lo! The Model Folk were possibly completed.



"By the time we hit the outdoor Arch Stage the Model Folk Band had the crowd up and dancing to their infectious gypsy folk, before taking leave of the stage to join in with the festivities to rapturous applause." ~ Rhythm & Booze, Swingamajig 2015 review

"Me and Billy Bob watched them live last week in Bradford on Avon….they’re our new favourite band" ~ Shaun H

"Possibly the best band to play in the Hive ever…Sue." ~ The Beehive, Swindon

"You guys were great! First band we have had play on the tables at Mr Wolf’s, great stuff! Anna x." ~ (Mr Wolf’s, Bristol)

"We were lucky enough to come across you guys on Saturday night – you certainly brought a smile to our faces and got the whole pub toe tappin’. Really great music, hard to try & describe to others what it was like – top marks 10 out of 10." ~ Pippa

"Went to the gig Saturday. Bought the cd Sunday. Can’t get the songs out of my head now – damn you!" ~ MB

"yesterdays performance kicked ass guys, you rock! thankyou very much for gracing mine and many others ears with your music." ~ ShotsieBuck

"That was quite acceptable. I found it to be suitably interesting. Please do that again." ~ Mr Cat

"You guys are f**kin mental!!! Everyone said how unique and very talented you guys were; if not a little bizarre." ~ The Bear, Vegas