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Saturday 07 November 2015 @ 09:00pm :  -
Count Bobo (Cider Festival)


Count Bobo are a Ska and Rocksteady band from Bristol and Bath. They play traditional saxophone led and vocal harmony ska and rocksteady music, recorded in a vintage analogue style, taking influence from the likes of The Skatellites, Jackie Mittoo and Roland Alphonso.

Comprising many familiar faces, the band amalgamate musicians from other local bands Bert Miller and the Animal Folk, The Jester, The Evil Usses, Rae, Beth Porter and the Availables and The Mandibles. We have just finished our debut long player; live, analogue and straight to tape.

Graeme Smith – Lead vocals and alto sax
Lorenzo Prati – Tenor sax
Daniel Inzani – Piano and backing vocals
Pete Gibbs – Electric bass
Dan Truen – Drums
Leon Boydon – Electric guitar

In the spring of 2012 they recorded Take 1, their initial LP at The Tape Rooms. An analogue experiment in preparation for their official LP, they recorded a selection of Skatalites (and other similar artists) material as well as tunes from other genres into a traditional ska/rocksteady feel.

The first official, all-original LP album recording is now also finished. Recorded in two sessions at The Tape Rooms it aims to try and capture the vintage analogue sound of Jamaican ska from the 60''s and early 70''s, and was recorded live straight to an 8 track reel to reel tape machine, occasionally overdubbing some percussion and harmonies. This record and other EP’s from the same sessions are due for independent release in the near future.



“Proper gorgeous analogue-fuzz heart warming live rocksteady for lovers. Taking influence from The Skatellites, Jackie Mittoo and Roland Alphonso” ~ Wandering Word, Shambala Festival

“New project from some of the boys who brought you the Mandibles, and it’s got all the fun, great musicianship and laidback vibe you’d expect, now deployed on lovely lovely Studio 1 style ska-into-reggae tuneage. Another great band is born, come celebrate!” ~ Steve Henwood, The Glastonbury Bandstand

“A gig in which the whole audience relax and get their dancing shoes on always makes for a great night, and if you are after a laid-back night of ska and reggae, Count Bobo and the Bullion are definitely not one to be missed!” ~ Rolling Stage

“You’ll recognise the members of this 6-piece bunch from other fave outfits and you’ll love their choice of vintage ska and rocksteady numbers from the likes of Prince Buster, The Skatelites, Roland Alphonso and others and all rendered with proper harmony vocals and rooting tooting saxophones.” ~ John Blakeley, The Canteen and Sheelanagig

“After an exciting night of crackling bonfires, and the look of awe upon children’s faces as they watch fireworks light up the night sky, The Trinity Centre successfully pulled off another fun filled community event for bonfire night, followed by an incredible performance from Count Bobo and the Bullion. A relatively new band from the Bristol and Bath area, Count Bobo and the Bullion have just recorded their debut album at the Bristol Tape Rooms, taking influence from the likes of Roland Alphonso, Jackie Mittoo and Skatalites. The hour long set, performed inside the warm building, smelling of mulled apple cider, created such a soft and relaxed atmosphere that the whole crowd was up and dancing! With the slow and sleepy notes coming from the saxophonist that you might expect to find in 1950’s bars when escaping the harsh winter winds, juxtaposed with the happy and laid-back summer ska and reggae beats, the band performed an amusing take on the Disney classic Pink Elephants on Parade, which caused great delight amongst the audience, adding to the family-friendly theme of the night. Also with a more serious side, Count Bobo and the Bullion captivated the audience with their romantic vibe, with Spanish lyrics about love so strong that not even the moon may bare witness, and pure instrumental songs named The Luna Berry Trail, a sense of magic gripped the audience and it was easy to get lost in the off-beat splendour of the harmonies.
A gig in which the whole audience relax and get their dancing shoes on always makes for a great night, and if you are after a laid-back night of ska and reggae, Count Bobo and the Bullion are definitely not one to be missed!” ~ Gig review from The Trinity Centre’s online magazine