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Thursday 31 March 2016 @ 09:00pm :  -
Josh Harty


Josh Harty is a messenger. A North Dakota songsmith. A third generation musician, son of a small town police chief and preacher, he often muses that growing up he figured he''d end up going to jail or going to hell. Between the ages of five and eleven he sang gospel and country with his father at just about every Lutheran Church, Eagles Club and Senior Center in the Midwest. By age twelve Harty had made two records (cassettes) with his dad; achieving sales of 10,000 copies.

His second solo project, 2008’s ''A Long List of Lies'' (Magnolia Recording Co.) debuted at number eight on the European Americana chart. Produced, recorded and mastered in Madison, Wisconsin''s legendary Smart Studios, the album captures Harty''s "clean guitar attack and a finger style that glistens with a razor''s edge." (Andy Moore, Wisconsin Public Television) In 2011 Harty released ''Nowhere'', which was recorded at Base Camp Studios in Bozeman, MT by acclaimed performer, producer and engineer Chris Cunningham (Storyhill). 2014 saw the release of two duo albums Harty recorded between 2012 and 2013. 12 August with fellow Americana artist John Statz and The Attic Session with long time collaborator Blake Thomas.

Over the last five years Harty has toured tirelessly in 41 States and countries across Europe and the United Kingdom. He demoed songs for his new album with George Lucas in Brno, Czech Republic (released as a download called "The Brno Session"), in New York City, and in Gleisdorf, Austria with Chuck Lemonds.

His new album, ''Holding On'', was recorded at DNA Music Labs in Madison, WI and was produced by Blake Thomas and Mark Whitcomb. The album features songs written on the road over the last 2 ½ years performed by a full band. Having the base tracks performed live in the studio, the album captures the feel and energy of a true Americana band. Release date for ''Holding On'' is April 1, 2016.

Josh Harty''s unique blend of American music has become a must-hear for those who keep the tradition of country, blues and folk close to their hearts. The touring bug has never left him as he continuously travels across Europe and North America. More than just moving along, he''s spending plenty of time in the communities along the way, from Brooklyn to Haarlem, from London to Portland. Harty is always looking for that balance between the rolling road and the people who inspire him, trading stories around kitchen tables and theatre stages. His live shows prove that good storytelling combined with journeyman musicianship is as American as music gets.



"Madison’s new folk and Americana music scene is bursting at the seams. . .But no one’s been behind the plow longer, works harder, or writes a better lament than Josh Harty. - Andy Moore, No Depression, 2015

"Josh Harty is the possessor of a warm expressive vocal style that would under most circumstances ensure a good living in roots music but when you add his quality song writing and the fact that he is also no slouch on the guitar he would, in a just world, be guaranteed success." ~ American Roots

"Josh Harty has a voice for troubled times and he works his way into the lives of his lost love characters with perfection. The emotions he brings let the songs play out in real time, the hurt and the bad days that follow are alive, the wounds raw." ~ The Alternate Root, 2012

"As you will discover on this album (Nowhere), it will never be more Americana than Josh Harty. Songs about "Whiskey and Morphine", longing for his lover in "On My Mind" or looking out for a "Sweet Solution"- the album is a compilation of tunes and stories from the heart." ~ Mr. Blue Boogie, Billy Bop, 2012

"Singer-songwriter Josh Harty has everything to make it. A warm-sounding voice that refers to that of James Taylor or Gordon Lightfoot, a guitar technique many artists can only dream of, and narrative texts taken from life. . . The sincerity of the songs shines and the subtle and beautifully detailed instrumentation ensure that you always stay focused." ~, 2012

"Harty has a warm, intimate performance style. You can ease into his songs from the first note and his voice has that perfect combination of resignation and hope. The songs are all downbeat, even mournful, and Harty''s performances are utterly convincing, whether on the doom-laden "Whiskey & Morphine", the more upbeat tune (but downbeat lyrics) of "Sweet Solution"." ~ Jeremy Searle, Americana UK, 2011

"The first thing that hits you is Harty''s world weary voice on Whiskey & Morphine as a song that talks of self-destruction and sets the tone for what is to come. . . Harty draws you into his songs and you are a part of his world." ~ Stephen Rapid, Lonesome Highway, 2011