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Sunday 05 June 2016 @ 02:00pm :  -
Cory Seznec


Corentin “Cory” Seznec is a Franco-American musician splitting time between Addis Ababa, Paris, and Annapolis, Maryland. A multicultural household, extensive travels and musical encounters, and a passion for history exposed Cory to sounds from around the world, helping him to develop his own distinct style that reflects his broad interests. Cory focuses on fingerstyle guitar, clawhammer banjo, voice, harmonica, and an array of other stringed instruments. He maintains a music blog called Cocoringo’s Circadian Sounds.


Reviews of Beauty In The Dirt:

Rough diamonds of African-tinged country blues… The title track has Afrobeat-style high guitar riffs, with earthy ngoni interjections played by Seznec (whose banjo picking is equally pert), which somehow seamlessly weave with the southern blues of the song’s main melody. The instrumentals that provide the album’s framework are a laid back mélange of Malian-style blues and rustling percussion. It’s a subtle and fresh type of fusion and one that is further boosted by Seznec’s voice, a dextrous, resonant drawl that brings out the colour of his songs. The New Orleans flavour of the purely country and blues tracks, such as the speed-pop of ‘East Virginia’ or the raunchy, electric ‘Build Me A Weapon’, hold as much appeal as Seznec’s more experimental concoctions. This is more than the sum of its parts. ~ Tim Woodall, Songlines, October 2014.

Music that sits somewhere just outside the bluegrass-blues-folk-country-world music time-stream, dipping its toe in all of them, sometimes in the same song, creating whirls and eddies of gloriously natural and earthy traditional music…Beauty In The Dirt is the bastard offspring of a creole-swamp style that Alan Lomax would have loved and which would have graced Robert Crumb’s cartoon archive of American musical origins…You could be excused for not knowing where you are by the time the record finishes, but this is so good and the joins between styles so seamless that it’s best to remember that it’s the journey, not the destination that matters. Excellent. ~ Paul Woodgate,, May 20, 2014.