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Friday 05 August 2016 @ 09:00pm :  -
Jez Hellard and The Djukella Orchestra


Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra play traditional and contemporary folk music, from rebel ballads, jigs and reels to tango, rhumba and reggae.

A singer of potent songs, stunning harmonica player and fine guitarist, Jez thrives on music of all stripes. Born in Cumbria, with a Scots/English background, Jez grew up in Northamptonshire. Since returning to the UK from Asia in 2005, he has played more than 800 gigs; from Vancouver to Istanbul, New York to Taipei sharing stages with the likes of Dick Gaughan and Rory Mcleod. From Glastonbury Festival to Canada's North Country Fair, Macedonia's Pivoland and Taiwan's Migration Music Festival, to theatres, pubs, folk-clubs, living-rooms, tunnels and street corners around the world.

The word Djukella is a common insult in the Balkans, meaning mongrel, and goes some way to describe the mixed provenance both of the music and the musicians themselves. Nye Parsons is a virtuoso double-bassist with a lyrical style which'll have you craning your neck for a better view. He's played with countless bands over a 30 year career and has worked with Jez since 2006.

Fiddlers James Patrick Gavin & Julie Rands-Allen from England, Alaistair Caplin from the Isle of Lewis, Zoe Moffat and Cam Neufeld from Canada provide the top end, sometimes one at a time, sometimes two, depending on logistics. Jordan Kostov is a renowned Macedonian accordionist and composer, from Kavadarci, who has worked with bands and orchestras across Europe.



" It is a rambunctious triumph of an album in which the energy never fades." ~ Rosamund Woodroffe,

"If you take your folk infusion wide, varied and without restraint then you’re going to love this. Jump in and let the current sweep you along." ~ Dan Holland, Folkwords Magazine

"The Djukella Orchestra handles the material with an easy fluidity. Shame there are only ten tracks." ~ Dai Jeffries,

"Playing music with Jez and Nye is like playing catch with someone who never drops the ball." ~ Maurice Jones

"Jez Hellard demonstrated that playing harmonica is a full on body experience...With fans across 3 continents, It was easy to see and hear what all the hullaballoo was about." ~ Earshot Magazine, Canada

"Jez Hellard`s pleasingly frequent harmonica solos add another dimension to the sound, and generally make you feel very blues-happy indeed...while I was expecting good things, I wasn`t expecting anything quite so ridiculously good as this." ~ Moles, UK

"Jez Hellard shows us yet another layer of talent, by the strength and clarity of his voice in “Hometown Boy”, which is a great mid point in the album." ~ Earshot - from a review of the Dana Wylie Band`s second album, The Unruly Ones