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Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Jinski are two highly individual guitarists/musicians with strong distinctive voices. Jinski have a wealth of great original songs that draw upon acoustic roots and country music whilst remaining resolutely modern. Jinski play songs that tell stories of love, joy, loneliness and longing. Intricate, soulful, beautiful songs, foot stomping, sing-a-long, raucous songs; music for the head and the heart, full of passion and originality. performing on their own or with a flexible line up that includes double bass player Neil Harland their 'live' work is a kaleidoscope of musical and lyrical imagery.

Steve Wegrzynski performed solo as singer songwriter Steve Jinski playing live throughout Britain, Europe and Scandinavia in all kinds of venues and places; city streets, subways, record shops, intimate folk clubs, sweaty bars, student unions, concert halls, folk festivals and rock festivals. Notable appearances have been at The Reading Festival, Hackney Empire and London's Mean Fiddler. He has also played live on television and radio.

His songs come from everywhere and are inspired by the trials and tribulations of everyday life. His music speaks from the heart.

Dave Kennedy is an innovative and original guitar player who has been working with Steve over the last couple of years slowly forging a musical partnership that continues to grow. Dave has been highly influential in shaping the sound and feel of the new album 'Hurry Home'. He has played with a whole variety of musicians during his career and was signed to Charisma Records with the band 21 Strangers, managed by the late Chas Chandler (The Animals and Jimi Hendrix fame). More recently he has been heard with the tortured fender thrashers STAN. Whilst the guitar is Dave's first love he is also a multi instrumentalist and an accomplished producer/ arranger.



"Folk for modern ears" ~ (Maverick Magazine) 'Down Here' (album CD 2012)

"Catchy, reflrective, well written, acoustic songs.....emotional vocals" ~ (Maverick) 'King of the Radio' (CD/EP 2009/10)

“A consistently appealing brand of intelligent song writing” ~ (Rock ‘N’ Reel magazine) 'Hurry Home' (album CD 2008)

“A mini-album that’s busy with bright and breezy settings….’One word For Love’ is trilled perfection” ~ (Music Maker) reviewing 'Songs For Europe' (album CD/EP) 1997

“Here’s a bloke who looks like he’s stepped right out of a left-wing anarcho punk band but who’s actually an intelligent songwriter” ~ (Folk Roots Magazine) reviewing 'Eventually' (album/Vinyl/tape) 1990