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Saturday 05 August 2017 @ 06:30pm :  -
Square Fair - Evening

The Square Fayre is an all day celebration with an amazing line up of Live Music, Food and Drink.

Square Fair

THE 2017 SQUARE FAYRE Evening Session features:


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Eva Abraham Band

Mesmerising and engaging, Eva Abraham Band never fail to deliver energetic spirited joyful live performances. Not only because the sheer level of musicianship but also the energy exchange between themselves and the audience and total commitment to the music, they really know how to enjoy themselves on stage.A melting pot of influences and music styles. Folk, Country, Ska, Gypsy - Hungarian - Slavic - Jewish, Cumbia, Blues and Jazz . Eva is a highly skilled, quick witted, funny, entertaining front person and performer. You know when she steps onto the stage not only are you in safe hands but you are also in for a real live experience. Her songwriting and composition skills and talents are equal to her performance gift. This is clear from the huge catalogue of music she has produced over the years, not just for herself as an artist but also for film, library, other artists and Bands. There is real depth here, experience and wisdom with a sensitivity to the listener that draws you in, enchanting, haunting, beautiful. powerful and natural. See for yourself!


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Alex Hedley

Emerging over the last year from the acclaimed four-piece Saturday Sun who’s ‘Seagull’ single has had over seven million plays on Spotify, Alex Hedley has spent his time since crafting a stunning set of evocative songs that recall the likes of John Martyn. He himself cites the like of Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and early Pink Floyd as influences, but Hedley has now more than confirmed his early promise as a truly unique artist in his own right for the present and beyond.

"It's hard to listen to without sending a shiver down your spine every time his voice soars and then recoils into an emotive quiver" ~ Paul Lester, The Guardian

"Alex [Hedley] owned the stage with his set, immediately taking over the room with his soul bearing lyrics and vocals. The clarity in his vocal delivery succeed in drawing the audience in to moments of complete engrossed passion..." ~

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Dana Emmanuel & the Stolen Band

Dana Immanuel is a banjo-toting, whiskey-drinking, poker-playing singer-songwriter currently operating from a north London hideout from which emerges a sound more usually associated with the bayou, triple filtered through bourbon, washboard, and a touch of alt-country eccentricity. With the five-piece, all-female Stolen Band, Dana and her all-girl Stolen Band have been getting feet stomping across the UK folk, blues, Americana and rock scenes.

Dana’s music reflects her eclectic influences, from Alice Cooper to Hank Williams, routed via the bluegrass turnpike around the township of alt-country. She is at home in the high-stakes casinos of Monte Carlo as in the basement bars of London, Paris and Amsterdam, and her live show with the Stolen Band is not to be missed. Her album, Come With Me, recorded live-ish with the Stolen Band and released in 2016, showcases the unique blues-cum-bluegrass-cum-Americana-cum-rock sound of their live sound.


- - - - - - - - - - - - -


The Destroyers

A collection of rogues and misfits surfing a tidal wave of horns, fiddles and guitars! Rapidly exploding from the 'Balkan Brass' genre they emerge as an anarchic orchestra of blazing passion and breathtaking originality.

With an infectious sound full of riotous genre-bending MegaFolk grooves and songs, The Destroyers have built up a huge following both nationwide and beyond. With a unique stage show that combines huge madcap energy and immense musical virtuosity, it's no surprise that throughout their career they've won over audiences wherever they've played. From their hometown of Birmingham (at it's celebrated venues Town Hall, MAC, Hare & Hounds and Prince of Wales Moseley) all the way to nationwide festivals like Glastonbury, Cambridge and Boomtown, and onto international successes like Spraoi, Pennabilli, and Bern Festival of Street music, the band have continued to live up to the legend of their live shows.

Meanwhile, offstage they have succeeded in distilling and bottling that essence and have released two critically acclaimed albums, Out of Babel ("Minimum pretence and maximum style.....a sophisticated tour de force" **** Songlines Magazine) and Hole in the Universe ("Highly danceable and original sound" 9/10 DJ Magazine), along with the recent Vortex EP. They have also appeared on Sky Arts HD Channel, BBC Radio 2 (Mark Radcliffe, Mike Harding shows) BBC Radio 3 (Max Reindhardt's Late Junction) and collaborated on several videos made to accompany the title tracks from their previous releases.

So enter the big top and be immersed in the winding world of the hurdy-gurdy, the sonorous land of the tuba and the exotic realm of the duduk. Be ready to be engulfed by a wall of mesmerizing virtuosity and a whirlwind of frenzied dancing


"That this onlooker found himself singing along to the words of tracks despite hearing them for the first time is testament to the band’s magnificent live show, full of inventiveness and recalling the protest spirt of a quarter of a century ago." ~ Rob Langham,

"The Destroyers have a hell of a billing from the compere but more than live up to it-they truly are "insane", "chaotic" and "absolutely menkle", but then can a 15-piece polka orchestra led by a short grandad in a fez who talks like a pirate be anything else?" ~ Q Magazine. (Glastonbury Review Special)

"The euphoric audience gave the show a huge standing ovation and who could not fail to be lifted by the show? The Destroyers are utterly contemporary and cutting edge and almost frightening in their creativity, but they manage to balance this with being totally accessible and appealing to the masses." ~ Night-Times


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Square Fair