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Sunday 10 September 2017 @ 01:01pm :  -
Hobby Horse Freestyle Dressage & Show Jumping: Gallery
Hobby Horse Freestyle Dressage & Show Jumping


Rosette 1st Hobby Horse Doubles

Rosette 1st First: Devils on Horse Back
Riders: Helen and Chris


Rosette 2nd
Second: Mittens Boys


Rosette 3rd
Third: Mitten Girls


Rosette 1st Hobby Horse Singles

Rosette 1stWinner: Jean
Riding: Alabana Bagatelle of Worth
Breed: Icelandic Wool Pony
Trainer: Maisie

Rosette 2nd
Second: Claire "Clamily Claire"
Riding: Storming Norman (Age 10)
Scared of his own shadow

Rosette 3rd
Third: Kelly
Riding: Auntie Sue

Rosette 4th
Fourth: Alexander Wallis The Third
Riding: Wild Renegade

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Photos: Caroline Beale Johnson

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Jean riding Alabana Bagatelle of Worth

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Hobby Horse Freestyle Dressage & Show Jumping