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Saturday 07 October 2017 @ 11:01am :  -
Pumpkin & Beer Fest - Beers List


On 7th October we have the annual Pumpkin and Beer Festival with a great selection and variety of beers, ales and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and live music from Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards.

See the preliminary guest beer list below, others will also be added on the day. We will also have our very own Hattie Brown's 'Dog On The Roof' breweed specially for the festival, and which contains fresh green hops from the Square & Compass garden!.


Freedom Hiker - 3.7% - Gyle 59 Brewery
Created in honour of the Tolpuddle Pilgrimage, this beer is based on a recipe that was brewed during the period when the Tolpuddle Martyrs were deported to Australia. In addition to the UK hops and malt that form the traditional body of this beer we have added an extra aroma hop grown in Australia. The beer is golden brown with a rich amber malt flavour combining with New World hops to put a modern twist on an old recipe. Brewed to a lower strength than the original recipe, this beer is a refreshing drink for a weary pilgrim.
Bristol Blonde - 3.8% - Dawkins Brewery
"Citrus aroma full of fresh lemons and spicy zest. The mouth is filled with vanilla malt and left with a long and satisfying bitter finish. An easy-drinking “session beer” with a character, refreshing at any time of year. National Champion Bronze Bitter 2015 at the SIBA BeerX. Gold class medal winner at SIBA Maltings 2015. Gold class medal winner and overall Champion Bronze at SIBA Maltings 2014".
WTF - 3.8% - Twisted Brewery
A light chestnut ale with a bucket full of NZ hops providing the balance to a caramel base.
Farmers Blonde - 4% - Bradfield Brewery
This award winning, very pale brilliant blonde beer has citrus and summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing ale.
Red Admiral - 4% - Woodfords Brewery
Dark, red rye ale slightly hopped, with notes of fruit and malt.
Bexley’s Own Beer Pale Ale - 4.2% - Bexleys Brewery
This ale is made with a combination of Crystal malts together with UK and New World hops, giving a floral aroma with a well balanced flavour of gentle bittering and a lingering subtle sweetness. - Winner of the festival at The Pigs Ears Festival (Hackney) December 2014.
Cragg Vale Bitter - 4.2% - Little Valley Brewery
A rich, red-brown coloured ale with a full and rounded malty body. Using Challenger and Golding hops, this beer is crisp and fruity with a clean bitter finish, making it a real match for a steak and ale pie or a nut roast.
Rebel - 4.2% - Navigation Brewery
A citrus 4.2% golden ale with grapefruit and mango aromas.
Redshift - 4.2% - Yeovil Brewery
A deep red russet colour gives a smoothness and body to the citrus fruitiness derived from the American hops used.
Tuckers Nuts - 4.4% - Glede Brewery
Brewed with Amber & Cara malts to give it a rich colour and nutty flavours. Complimented with UK Archer hops to provide a traditional assertive British bitterness.
Rusty Lane - 4.4% - Kennet And Avon Brewery
A rusty coloured Irish style red ale with rounded toffee malt flavour and floral hop finish. A good blokey reddish brown beer! Awarded Beer of the Festival at West Dorset Camra’s Beer Festival in February 2015.
Liquorice Libation - 4.4% - Naylors Brewery
A new craft ale recipe using a delicate amount of blackcurrants and Liquorish root to provide a smooth refreshing dark ale. Warming flavours at first leading into a liquorice aftertaste, while the subtle flavour of black currants sweetens the taste. Superb!
Harvester - 4.5% - Acorn Brewery
Pale Crystal Malts give this bitter a sweet malty flavour. The English Bramling Cross Hops give an excellent bitterness and berry/fruit aroma.
Tommy Legs - 4.5% - Derwent Brewery
A well balanced copper ale with multiple additions of cascade hops.
Festival Special - 4.5% - Isle Of Avalon Brewery
Mid brown, hoppy and reasonably malty golden bitter.
V.P.A. - 4.6% - Keystone Brewery
Light in colour with subtle malt flavours and medium bitterness leading to crisp hop flavours and aromas from Goldings and Bodecea Hops.
X.P.S. - 4.8% - St Ives Brewery
Amber pale ale with some big hop and bitterness.
Hippo - 4.8% - XT Animal Brewery
This Hoppy Hippo is full of exciting Anglo-American Hops. Herbal, floral and tropical flavours are paired with a simple pale malt grist so as to complement but not compete. This one is for the people who like their beer pale and hoppy!
Nightmare Porter - 5% - Hambleton Brewery
Nick would tell you that this CAMRA Champion Winter beer of Britain winning brew was the result of years of skill, passion and perfecting to get the perfect 4 malt smooth drinking, porter recipe. We have heard a slightly different version of the story, where an accidental malt addition had Nick shouting that the brew was a ‘flipping’ (!) nightmare. The name stuck and the beer was released as a special, quickly becoming our most award winning beer.
Autumn Red - 5% - Slaters Brewery
Full bodied mahogany beer with Fuggles Liberty and Mount Hood hops.
Hellfire Premium Pale Ale - 5.2% - Leeds Brewery
The ultimate pale ale. Packed full of American hops this beer is bursting with fruity citrus flavours followed by a brilliantly refreshing crisp clean finish.
Capstan English Strong Ale - 5.8% - Red Rock Brewery
A full flavoured, full strength winter brew – rich, robust and malty to start. Northern Brewer and Goldings hops, with a hint of Cascade, give the hearty brew a complex depth with flavours of caramel, liquorice and chocolate and overtones of roasted coffee and blackcurrant – a truly delicious beer.
Dog On The Roof - 6% - Hattie Brown's Brewery
Made specially for the Pumpkin and Beer festival, using fresh green hops from the Square & Compass pub garden.
Skull Splitter - 8.5% - Orkney Brewery
One of our strongest beers, named after Thorfinn Einarsson the 7th Viking Earl of Orkney. A rich fruity wine-like complexity on the palate includes fresh and dried fruits, warm exotic apices and alight summer citrus fruits. Sophisticated, Satiny Smooth with a deceptively light character. Rated 100 "World Class" by Beer advocate.
and more from Bluestone, Lancaster, Cocksure, Vintage Moon, Campervan, Redrock and Electric Bear.



Full details of Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards here