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Saturday 28 October 2017 @ 09:00pm :  -
Josh Harty

Josh Harty

Josh Harty is a messenger. A North Dakota songsmith. A third generation musician, son of a small town police chief and preacher, he often muses that growing up he figured he'd end up going to jail or going to hell. Between the ages of five and eleven he sang gospel and country with his father at just about every Lutheran Church, Eagles Club and Senior Center in the Midwest. By age twelve Harty had made two records (cassettes) with his dad; achieving sales of 10,000 copies.

After playing in several cover bands in Fargo during his teens, Harty started his songwriting career when a local booking agent asked him if he could perform 45 minutes worth of original material for an opening gig. He said of course he could and set to work writing the songs that would become the material for his first album Three Day Notice. After just a week of writing and rehearsing these new songs, Josh received a standing ovation and encore request from the audience while opening for blues legend BB King!

His second solo project, A Long List of Lies (Magnolia Recording Co., 2008) debuted at number eight on the European Americana chart (ahead of the latest Van Morrison album). Produced, recorded and mastered in Madison, Wisconsin's legendary Smart Studios, the album captures Harty's "clean guitar attack and a finger style that glistens with a razor's edge." (Andy Moore, NoDepression) In 2011 Harty released Nowhere, which was recorded at Base Camp Studios in Bozeman, MT by acclaimed performer, producer and engineer Chris Cunningham (Storyhill). 2014 saw the release of two duo albums: 12 August (Money Wolf Music) with fellow Americana artist John Statz and The Attic Session with long time collaborator Blake Thomas.

Over the last five years Harty has toured tirelessly in 41 States and over a dozen countries across Europe and the United Kingdom . He demoed songs for his new album with George Lucas in Brno, Czech Republic (released as a download called "The Brno Session"), in New York City, and in Gleisdorf, Austria with Chuck Lemonds. Harty's new album, Holding On (released April, 2016) was recorded at DNA Music Labs in Madison, WI and was produced by Blake Thomas and Mark Whitcomb. The album features songs written on the road over the last 2+ years performed by a full band.



"Josh Harty is a mid-West, singer-songwriter with a keen eye, observant lyrics and a fine, driving guitar-style that pulses with feeling and fire. . .Harty's fretwork is crisp, zingy and always compelling, catching you unawares almost with hints of traditional country in the mix; Chet seems to hang in the background balance at times, followed by ole Doc Watson before he twists the tail, snapping free with a trace of Knopfler at his best and a clear grip of the very fundamentals of good quality modern country music/ Americana.. . . " ~ Iain Patience, Elmore Magazine, 2016

[Holding On is]"the work of a true son of the heartland whose bold defiance and riveting delivery channel the essence of American music " ~ Lee Zimmerman, Glide Magazine, 2016

"like JJ Cale covering Dire Straits. . . I can already hear Bob Harris waxing lyrical about this in the early hours of the morning on BBC Radio 2!" ~ Paul Jackson, Fatea Reviews (UK), 2016

[Holding On is] "an album of soul touching songs. . .a profound mix of complete storytelling and accomplished musicianship." ~ Tom Franks, Folkwords Reviews (UK), 2016

"With a broad country twang to his vocals and set that nicely straddles the rock / country / blues divide, Holding On is both atmospheric and gripping" ~ Pete Whalley, Get Ready to Rock (UK), 2016

"Madison's new folk and Americana music scene is bursting at the seams. . .But no one's been behind the plow longer, works harder, or writes a better lament than Josh Harty." ~ Andy Moore, No Depression, 2015

"Josh Harty is the possessor of a warm expressive vocal style that would under most circumstances ensure a good living in roots music but when you add his quality song writing and the fact that he is also no slouch on the guitar he would, in a just world, be guaranteed success." ~ American Roots

Josh Harty