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Saturday 06 October 2018 @ 11:01am :  -
Pumpkin & Beer Fest - Beers List


On 6th October we have the annual Pumpkin and Beer Festival with a great selection and variety of beers, ales and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and live music from Don Kipper.

See the preliminary guest beer list below, others will also be added on the day. We will also have our very own Hattie Brown's 'Dog On The Roof' which contains fresh green hops from the Square & Compass garden!.



Peerlees - 3.5% - La'al
A session ale that has been hopped like an IPA. La'al is an old Norse dialect word for small. Although low in strength, this light easy drinking golden IPA still packs a punch. We have used oats to maintain the body and a range of hops to give this beer a fruity bitterness that will leave you wanting more. To summarise, this is a well hopped pale ale, brewed with oats and big hop flavours.

Ellan - 3.7% - Brewers Gold
Highly refreshing light bodied Golden Ale, well hopped with German Brewer’s Gold to give a well balanced bitterness and a fruity blackcurrent aroma.

Hesketh Market - 3.7% - Haystacks
A light, zesty beer with a clean bitterness. Brewed with finest pale ale malt, the mash liquor is adjusted to maximise the refreshing qualities of this brew. Finally, the brew is late hopped to give hints of citrus making this a perfect session ale to re-invigorate after a day on the fells.

Carlisle - 3.8% - Porter
Dark ruby and hoppy - A traditional style of beer named after the porters in the London markets who used to drink it on a regular basis! A porter is a beer made with brown malt and well-hopped. The brown malt gives it a lovely ruby colour and the addition of American and New Zealand hops adds a pucnhy fruit flavour.

Hansome - 3.8% - Blonde
 A fruity Blonde Ale
Naylors - 3.8% - Coffee Porter
A rich, dark, smooth beer, brewed with loads of roasted barley and Brazilian coffee beans and enhanced with real coffee extract to give a real crema of a pint.

Bowness - 3.9% - Lakeland Blonde
Weak grassy aroma, golden with a good cream head and no lacing, biscuity malt, light citrus flavour, creamy, sweet, good carbonation.

Fell - 4% - Late Summer
Padstow - 4% - St Tudys
Made with three types of hop, and four types of malt — one in particular to give its aroma and copper colour. The result is a real session drinking ale, with citrus notes, that works in all seasons.

Slaters - 4% - Top Totty
A stunning blonde beer, full bodied with a voluptuous aroma. It has a ripe generous fruitiness with deep and complex hop notes and a rich malt.

The Hop Shed (Unity) - 4% - Green Hop
Bexley - 4.2% - Ruby
A session craft ale. This ruby ale with crystal malt and English Goldings, has a rich malty flavour at a session strength.

Skinners - 4.2% - Lushingtons
Lushingtons is a cool, hop-laden pale ale brewed using traditional methods with Cornish water; whole-flower Citra, Belma and Willamette hops; Cornish malted barley and wheat; and Skinner’s unique yeast. Bursting with fruit, within its bittersweet scent you’ll pick up lime and mangoes with a little lychee. And its creamy texture contains a slight strawberry finish. Enjoy with white meats, fish or a 99.

Tirrel - 4.3% - Windermere
A strong pale ale crispy hoppy bitter made with Lakeland water.

Corby - 4.4% - Great Peak
Taw Valley - 4.4% - Golden Brown
A full bodied, deep golden brown ale with a depth of 'moorish' malt flavour. A traditional Devonshire bitter style but updated with a more modern hop profile. With texture like sun.

Titanic - 4.4% - Cherry Dark
This black bitter uses US and Slovenian hops and is infused with cherries that subtly come through on the aftertaste.

Bosuns - 4.5% - Mocha Stout
A smooth creamy stout almost black in colour with an off white head. A faint background of coffee and chocolate makes you come back for another. Moderately bittered and gentle hoppyness makes this stout easy to drink.

Nine Lives - 4.5% - Hot Tin Roof
A copper red ale, caramel malt and juicy fruit aromas, smooth taste with a hoppy dry finish.

Pershore - 4.5% - It Takes 2 To Mango
This is a delicious tropical ale, using fresh mango and complimented with three fruity and balanced hops; it has aromas that will take you to the tropical Brazilian Copacabana beach. A rich deep golden ale that will leave your taste buds dancing. Nice mango flavour with hint of bitterness for the finish.

Stewarts - 4.8% - Edingburgh Gold
Golden Ale made with Noble Hops. With grassy & spicy aromas, moderately Bitter with a slight caramel sweetness.

Strathaven - 5% - Dutchess Gold
Empire - 5.2% - Rope Trick
Dog On The Roof - 6% - Hattie Brown's Brewery
Made using fresh green hops from the Square & Compass pub garden.

Kettlesmith - 6% - Belgium IPA
A Belgian Strong Ale – a delicious winter warmer.

Swan - 6% - Arm Breaker
Arm Breaker IPA at 6.0%, a quintessential English IPA will be just the thing. This isn’t your American reimagining of an IPA and has a different hop character (Admiral and Goldings) and colour to other IPAs that are out there. A carefully selected balance of malts achieves a colour true to a quintessential IPA. Beers were generally darker in colour back in Empire days than nowadays, with the relative term of a pale(r) ale having a different reference point on the colour scale.

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